Our Mission

We create unique and beautiful gardens.  

This may be bringing pre-loved gardens back to life, staging a garden for a special event or bringing beauty to new gardens. 

our range of services


  • restoration of borders
  • hedge cutting and shaping
  • hand weeding
  • pruning
  • mowing and edging
  • digging
  • rockeries
  • containers
  • sourcing plants and planting



  • planting styles and design - cottage, formal, scented, Italian etc
  • border designs
  • overall garden designs
  • staging for special occasions eg. garden party, BBQs, weddings, house sale
  • recommending and selecting plants


  • plant types, positioning and soil types
  • plant care, staking and feeding
  • correct pruning
  • seasonal care
Selecting and sourcing plants.

Selecting and sourcing plants.