BEFORE:  a tidy but uninspiring area 

new lease of life

Sarah and Andrew have a terraced, well-established garden needing a complete overhaul. It meant removing many of the 20+ year old bushes, rejuvenating others and landscaping work. 

For this garden we advised on planting schemes as well as sourcing and installing all plants.

AFTER: an uplifting ray of colour

We are now loving and enjoying our garden with a new lease of life. This was only possible with Tracey’s expertise and hard work.
— Andrew, Burton upon Trent

Rejuvenating daisy nook

This extensive and mature garden needed some specialist attention. The trees and established plants needed pruning correctly and the borders clearing and redesigning.

The result? Beautiful new vistas, plants in their full glory and a lighter, brighter garden.

Thanks so much. The ‘garden with the gardener’ service was perfect. I learned a lot and we achieved so much. I can’t stop looking at the garden, it’s amazing.
— Adeline, Daisy Nook
BEFORE: a tired garden in need of expert care

BEFORE: a tired garden in need of expert care

AFTER: a beautiful Magnolia, uplifted Hebe and view of Mari the sheepdog

BEFORE: landscaping just completed

BEFORE: landscaping just completed

making use of space

This corner of the garden previously had very little use. The owners had the new landscaping done and we moved in with planting ideas and plans.

Now this lost corner is a well-used sun-trap and easy to maintain with an array of beautiful plants.

AFTER: a showcase garden to sit in

AFTER: a showcase garden to sit in

We would’ve been lost without your help, both in selecting the right plants and how to arrange them. Thank you for all your hard work.
— Margaret, Cheddleton

beautiful bretby 

Glenys and her husband have taken pride in their garden for years.

It's getting too much to manage now so we helped tackle the entire garden initially - thinning out plants, hand-weeding and clearing paths.

Now we maintain it as needed.

BEFORE: loved but overgrown 

Tracey you were fantastic. You work so hard, there’s no let-up. You listened to what I wanted and did a great job. I look forward to your next visit!
— Glenys, Bretby

AFTER: a tidy path and borders filled with rescued plants 


This lovely cottage garden in Bretby has a plethora of plants. However, with busy jobs it was hard for the owners to keep on top of it. 

We set to work trimming the hedges, weeding and pruning and creating an attractive garden - with usable path!

BEFORE: the hedge and Helianthus lemon queen needing attention

The garden now looks great, really neat and cared for. Very pleased.
— Darin, Bretby

AFTER: a tidy garden and usable path